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Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus
Stop Spam and Viruses Before They Reach Your Inbox

Spam. Viruses. Malicious content. They cost your organization Ė employee productivity, increased security risk, legal liability.

Protect your organization with ís emailJanitor email defense service.

Using leading technology from MXLogic, we stop over 98% of spam.  Email is filtered for spam and viruses in milliseconds where it is checked for spam and viruses before they enter your network and reach your inbox. Suspect emails are placed into the message quarantine.  Users can allow or deny senders, reject or release messages directly from the quarantine email or via a web-based interface. 

Leave your IT team to work on strategic business initiatives instead of managing spam. ís emailJanitor email defense service gives you advanced web-based functionality for handling quarantined mail and configuring the email defense service. Additional reports provide insight into your messaging and user traffic.

ís emailJanitor email defense service provides 24-hour protection. There is no hardware or software to install or update. There are no migration or integration efforts Ė just point your domainís mail routing (MX) record to ís emailJanitor email defense system and the service is activated. Messages are filtered instantaneously. Email is never stored, read or censored. Your privacy is ensured.

Keep spam and viruses from reaching your inbox.

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